A walk in nature


The wetlands in all their splendour at certain times of the year and the gateway to the Sierra de Espadán make our municipality an attractive tourist destination for leisure and holiday enjoyment, as well as offering you an unforgettable stay.

The natural wealth of Chilches/Xilxes is evident thanks to its wide variety of ecosystems.

On the one hand we find the Marjalería, a wetland protected for its high ecological value and great richness in both fauna and flora. This area is especially attractive in winter, when it becomes a passing season for migratory birds. During the spring and summer season, the Marjalería is flooded and allows the cultivation of rice. At this time of year, the landscape is even more impressive, giving the sensation of being made up of large mirrors. In summer we can enjoy the landscape of melon cultivation, a typical product of the municipality and its surroundings, famous for the sweet taste that these lands give it. It becomes a gastronomic attraction at this time of the year.

Hiking in the Marjalería is a unique natural environment, but it can also be practised inland, where the mountains that give access to the Serra d'Espadà are located. A natural area of 31,000 hectares covered with Mediterranean vegetation, it is the second largest protected area in the whole of the Valencian Community.

We also have a self-guided birding trail. This trail starts at the end of the walk in the direction of La Llosa and by scanning QR you can listen to an interpretation of the sound of birds in the surrounding landscape.

The sea breeze and the scent of orange blossom impregnate the agricultural character of Xilxes, which still preserves traces of its distant Roman origins, when it was a crossing point of the Roman Via Augusta.

Landscapes of Xilxes

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