Discover our gastronomy


Dishes where the flavour of typical, fresh produce from the fields blends with the offerings of the sea. Culinary pleasures that embody the popular cuisine of this welcoming municipality.

The gastronomy is based on Mediterranean cuisine, where rice dishes play a special role, combined with meat and fish. The best known dishes are Valencian paella and seafood paella, rice dishes such as "caldoso", black and "a banda" and others such as "fideuà", pastries such as "coques de tomata o escudellades" and "pastissos de glòria o de boniato". 

The orchards of Xilxes have sustained the economy of the municipality over time, the agricultural tradition is preserved today thanks to its specialisation in citrus fruits such as oranges and their varieties, however there is a product that prevails thanks to its excellent texture and sweetness: the melon. This fruit has led the locality to be well known for its excellent texture and sweetness. In particular, Xilxes brings its gastronomic quality and that of its products to lovers of good food.

Recipe: Pastissos de moniato

Ingredients: 1 glass of aniseed 1 glass of mistela 2 glasses of oil 1 handful of sugar Flour as much as you ...